I’d Rather Pee In The Dark

26 Aug

Their are only a few things I would actually say I hated in this world. Bathroom fans is one of them, people chewing with their mouths open is another. In my apartment we have one of those bathroom fans that comes on whenever you turn the light on. Seriously? Who invented this atrocity? Why no second switch? Too much electrical work or did someone actually think this was a brilliant idea?


I hate the noise of bathroom fans and I don’t even have a good reason why. Maybe I was sucked into one as a child and as a result am now scarred for life. I just find the sound so irritating. So yes I’d rather pee in the dark, and brush my teeth for that matter. I keep it classy when I shower though, lights on.

Now about people who were raised in a barn and chew with their mouths open, it’s not because the chex mix you’re devouring could potentially spray all over me or because I’m opposed to seeing a mouth full of partially chewed food, again it’s the NOISE. I hate the crunching sound of someone chewing, even if your mouth is closed and I can still hear you crunching, knock it off.

Maybe I just hate certain noises? What else don’t I like the noise of? Oh this one is actually a BIG one for me and probably just ludicrous to other people. I don’t like the sound of walking on snow. Weird right? That crunching noise of the snow packing together, makes me cringe. Also to make this even worse I hate the noise shoes make after walking in snow, squeak, squeak, squeak. UGH.

Okay I think I’ve tortured myself enough reliving these noises, I’ll go check myself into therapy now. And yes I am one of those people who actually spells the word “okay”. Okay?


One Response to “I’d Rather Pee In The Dark”

  1. Cassandra Gimbel August 28, 2011 at 8:33 pm #

    I seem to remember a certain someone torturing me with a certain sound that literately makes me crazy. You used to scratch those stupid hologram things every opportunity you got, just to make me mad!!!! It’s payback time! When you visit me I will be sure to stop extra hard on the snow and make my shoes squeak extra loud! Love ya

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