The Hunger Games Movie

26 Aug

Now if you’re not already on the Hunger Games bandwagon, I suggest hitching a ride. You’ll fall for Katniss as she fights for the ones she loves and root for her as she faces impossible odds in a world divided into very different districts. It’s heartwarming and courageous, everyone should read it. You can thank me later.

I can’t decide if I’m excited about it becoming a movie though. I won’t go as far as to say turning a book into a movie ruins the story at all but I do feel it loses it’s appeal somehow. When you read a book everything gets to be however you imagine it. If it says “as she creeps through the woods…” those woods can be anything you want them to be. It almost gives you the creative licence to create the movie in your head. You imagine the characters, the places, the dialect, the body language, EVERYTHING. Making it a movie takes all of that away. Immediately your creative licence turnes into Harry Potter having blue eyes instead of green or Bella Swan actually going for a ride on the back of a strangers motorcycle (that so doesn’t happen in the book, Bella wouldn’t do that!) in New Moon. Come on people, she just loves a vampire and a werewolf, she’s not crazy.

I’m torn though because making a book into a movie brings about a whole new group of followers and people who don’t necessarily like to read get to enjoy these fantastic stories. Plus maybe the movie will even inspire some of these people to read the books just to see what happens next (oh it gets good)! So I guess I don’t hate the idea of The Hunger Games movie and you can bet your dollar I’ll be seeing it. Even if it ruins the movie I’ve already written, casted and directed in my head.

So mark your calendars and check out The Hunger Games movie coming March 2012! Books available NOW!


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