“I won’t be like my parents when I grow up…”

27 Aug

When you’re little you constantly tell yourself I won’t be like my parents when I grow up. Which is smart, as a generation we should try to do better than the ones before us and learn from their mistakes. Then one day after years of life experience and not really thinking about it much, you’re 24-year-old self wakes up to realize you’re EXACTLY like your mother. But instead of this realization sending you spiraling into a deep ice cream eating depression, you also realize, you wouldn’t want to be like anyone else.

My mother is my favorite person, cheesy I know, but true. And by saying we’re alike I don’t mean we dress the same (God no) or share the same love of wilderness decor (sorry Mom), but we do think the same, we react the same and we make each other laugh the same. My mom is pretty hysterical and on more than one occasion I’ve found myself on the other end of a two-hour phone call (she lives in Colorado) with her just laughing our asses off at nothing in particular. It’s pretty great.

I can tell my mother anything, now let’s be real it wasn’t always sunshine and daisies but thankfully along with growing up came the maturity of our relationship. Not everyone is as fortunate to not only have a mother but a friend. Someone to share all your woes and triumphs. Someone to tell you youre dreams are never too big. Someone to make you pancakes in the morning, no matter how old you get. Someone to teach you how to raise a baby (now this hasn’t happened yet but my mother was endless support when my sister started having kids so I can only hope she’ll do the same for me). Someone to run to if the world comes crumbling down around you. Someone to visit in a nursing home as soon as she turns 60 ;). Just kidding of course, kinda.

So if I had the opportunity to go back and tell my-always-panicking-14-year-old-self that becoming exactly like my mother in ten years was completely unavoidable, but not to worry she’s the only person you would ever want to be, I probably wouldn’t. I wouldn’t wanna lose the feeling of waking up this morning and feeling incredibly proud of the person my mother is and the woman she has made me.


2 Responses to ““I won’t be like my parents when I grow up…””

  1. tricia August 28, 2011 at 1:13 am #

    I love this Blog!!! Not just because I’m your mom. It is the best blog i have ever read, O.K. it’s the only blog I’ve ever read!!!!! You are an amazing writer Tabitha!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cassandra Gimbel August 28, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    I thought we were putting her in a home at 55. Did I miss the memo?!?

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