Jackets Are Back!!

27 Aug

My favorite time of year is when stores bring back the winter clothes. It’s usually well before winter too, that’s their ploy to get you to buy crap early. Which is actually pretty stupid, cause there’s nothing more annoying than going shorts shopping in August and finding only jeans in every store, it’s 104 degrees outside. Jeans really? And I refuse to be one of those people who time-travels back to the 80’s and turns a perfectly good pair of jeans into a not even almost okay pair of shorts, fraying at the ends where you’ve cut them, not happening.

I do however LOVE when they replace bathing suits with a brand new stock of jackets in preparation for the coming winter. I say jackets because they’re more like a light something you can throw on over anything and while keeping you warm aren’t the same intensity as wearing a big bulky winter coat. I’m sort of obsessed with jackets, and other than hurting my piggy bank I think it falls under the safe obsession category. I’ll even go as far as wearing a jacket when it’s completely unnecessary, no shame in my game.

I have a closet (or two) completely filled with jackets, zip-up hoodies, and pea coats (the only kind of coat you’ll catch me wearing). I consider this my pride and joy. Okay maybe not pride but some definite joy. Yeah you’re right jacket lovers anonymous here I come.


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