People Do The Darndest Things At The Airport

27 Aug

I was at the Airport the other day just dropping my cousin off. In our family we love each other but we definitely do the airport “drop off”. In LA you already have to pay to park everywhere you go, so there’s no way I’m paying to park at the airport. Not to mention if I did park I’d be even more turned around and lost trying to get out of there and would probably spend at least 20 minutes just looping the airport trying to find the right highway.

So there I was getting ready to pull out of the “drop off” zone when one of those little shuttles pulls up right next to me, blocking my only way out. The door swings open and a few people file out. Among these people was a man who sets his enormous suitcase down inches from my car door, then disappears back into the shuttle to retrieve more. Ten minutes and six suitcases surrounding my car later, the shuttle is finally able to be on its merry way. I however am now sitting in my car surrounded by this mans luggage. Where was he going anyway? Who brings six giant suitcases with them anywhere? Did he have a family to dress or just himself? Did he realize the price of checking a baggage nowadays? Would it really have been too hard to put all of the luggage on the sidewalk that’s only ten feet away to begin with? I see a lot of people wearing cargo pants are they making a come back? God I hope not. I clearly had a lot of time on my hands. I heard the new Lil Wayne jam at least twice on the radio while I waited. I probably should have asked him if he needed help but I figured it would make a solid new blog post so I just waited it out.

Now lets talk about what people wear to the airport, this is my FAVORITE! If you’re one of those people who like to just watch people and then make up what you’re sure is their entire life story, like myself, then I’m sure you’ve already had a fantastic time watching people at the airport. It’s like universal “laundry-day”. People wearing things that don’t match, crocs, slippers, things that don’t fit anymore, basically anything that you would wear around your house but not usually out in public, unless it’s to the airport. All under the veil of “comfort”. So because of this anytime I have to got to the airport I show up at least three hours early. I wanna get there and get my popcorn in time to see the kids on leashes and families who all wear the same outfit. If you’re doing the airport with six strong or more it’s basically a rule that you have to dress the same, right? Oh it’s not? Well it should be.

About a year ago me and my husband were flying to Colorado to attend my mother’s wedding. It was rather uneventful except for the kid who kept shooting us. No not literally, we’re talking finger guns and loud “pow, pow” noises made with his mouth. He was probably about three, we asked him but he seemed confused because we weren’t speaking spanish. Where was his mother? He was running,  jumping, climbing on things, shooting his imaginary gun at us. She eventually sauntered over to where we were (she was busy on the phone). In a place where they tell you not to even leave your bags unattended you’d think people might at least keep an eye on their kids. Nah, what fun would that be. Don’t get me wrong I like kids but only the kind that are at that age where they just wanna carry stuff for you and play with your hair, what age is that? About four? Get back to me in a year gun-slinger.


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