Highlights Of The Coming Week: Sept. 12th – 18th

10 Sep

Monday the 12th

I got nothing, Monday’s are for sleeping all day and just waiting around for it to be Tuesday already.

Tuesday the 13th –

For those of you keeping up with your TV shows, Parenthood season 3 premier is tonight!

Ben Savage turns 31 today, I typically don’t care about celebrities birthdays but why did I think Cory Matthews was the same age as me? Or at least not 7 years older! Oh no, in 7 years I’ll be 31, kill me now. Also Ben’s full name is Bennett and not Benjamin like you might think, which is so ridiculous that I love it.

Wednesday the 14th –

Hump Day…and nothing else.

Thursday the 15th –

The Vampire Diaries season 3 premier is tonight, and that is all you need to know about Thursdays.

Friday the 16th –

The 16th of September is apparently National Stepfamily Day. To celebrate I’ll be watching a Brady Bunch marathon and picking out Halloween costumes for my two dogs. I’m thinking Alfalfa and Darla?

Two And A Half Men season 9 premier tonight. I’ve never seen a single episode of this show because I wasn’t a Charlie Sheen fan even before it was cool to not be a Charlie Sheen fan. But I went to the taping of this very episode (because hello Ashton Kutcher) and I’m ready to jump on the Two And A Half Men bandwagon now. This episode is hysterical (if you listen closely during the episode you can hear me laughing on the laugh track, actually I hope that’s not true) and I’ll probably blog about the hysterical things Ashton did during a “dating game” in between takes later.

Saturday the 17th –

Constitution Day! Whatever that means. I used to have a copy of the constitution that was written on made-to-look-old paper and bought on a family trip to Washington D.C. when I was like 11. I have no idea when or where I stopped owning this but I don’t have it anymore.

Sunday the 18th –

The 63rd annual Emmy Awards show is on tonight. This is something I will not be watching, because like duh who cares.


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