A Few Things…

12 Sep
  1. I really like Rihanna’s new song “Cheers” mostly because the beginning sounds exactly like the beginning to an old school Avril Lavigne song, but also because CHEERS TO THE FREAKIN WEEKEND.
  2. I want to watch a movie but the only DVD I haven’t packed (because I’m the kind of person who starts packing with the DVD’s first and then decides the only thing I feel like doing is watching a movie) is Arrested Development season 1, which is good but not something I feel like watching for the third time as of now.
  3. Every time I see a balloon of any kind it reminds me of a documentary I saw once on TLC about people with balloon fetishes. It was so weird and wrong but I couldn’t stop watching it. I mean I understand people have their things but balloons?! The whole time I’m watching just going “I don’t understand”. And I still don’t. The guy this show was following around went to a balloon fetish party. Bible. Where he proceeded to blow up balloons until they were so big they popped. I’m sorry WHAT? That’s what you do with the balloons? I don’t get you. Also same show but this time about “feeders and feedees”, ugh don’t even get me started. Google it.
  4. I hate the new toothpaste I bought and now I’m upset I have to use it all before I can buy a new one, cause I’m not wasteful. Eff Aquafresh and the cool red, white and blue stripe that looks like it would be so yummy and refreshing but isn’t.
  5. I hate people who pretend to care about something just so they can call you out on like say a grammatical error, but they don’t actually care about said grammatical error they just want to correct you without looking like an asshole. Uh news flash, you look like an asshole. Don’t be that asshole, nobody likes you. (this hasn’t actually happened to me I just feel like its super annoying when I see it happening, I actually care about grammar and can usually refrain from correcting errors, no that’s not true, oh God I’m so THAT asshole, my apologies)
  6. Remember when you were little and people told you “a couple” meant two and “a few” meant three? Oh no? That was just me when asking how many cookies I could have and after being told “a few” immediately being reminded that that meant only three? Well now that I’m an adult a few can mean whatever I want it to, right? Well in this case I guess it means six. It’s okay if this doesn’t make sense to you, I’m not sure I get it either (or you just missed the title of this post, whichever).

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