Fave Of The Week

13 Sep

My fave of the week for this week is a book written by Hilary Winston, called “My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me”.

I LOOOVE books that are funny and this book is hysterical. Hilary is a TV writer (My Name Is Earl, Community) and her book is a witty collection of autobiographical tales about her misadventures in dating. Her finding out while shopping at a Barnes and Noble that her ex has written a book about her (where he refers to her as his “fat-assed girlfriend”), her attempts at regression therapy where she gets “reborn”, and many other laugh-out-loud stories is a must read.

I typically don’t do books that aren’t fiction (unless it’s a Chelsea Handler book of course) but Hilary does a fantastic job of being real and telling things like they are (even if these things should embarass her). Everyone go buy this book, I promise it won’t let you dwon!

**Also just found out this book is being turned into a movie. Not sure how I feel about that :\. Although Hilary is the one writing the screenplay so I have high hopes!


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