Productive Day

18 Sep

Woke up at noon, “New Boyz” radio on Pandora, my husband and I on our respective computers, decided to lay on the couch around 4 and nap with blankets and all while a crappy movie played in the background, contemplated going swimming but didn’t ’cause neither of us ever feels like swimming for more than 10 minutes every time we go, Skype with his family, thought about making dinner but since it’s already after 8 have decided I’m over the whole idea of dinner altogether, and now were back on our computers and it’s “Usher” radio on Pandora.

I should be more upset that we accomplished nothing today, and I have post-its all over my desk of things we need to get done in the next two weeks, not to mention a half packed half unpacked apartment. But I’m not.

Today was kind of perfect in the simplest of ways. There will be years when our busy schedules won’t allow us to even have a day off together. There will be days when a day off means doing actual errands that can’t wait. There will be times when spending time together means saying good-bye in the morning and good-night at night. There will be years of raising babies and forgetting what it’s like to take a nap at 4 in the afternoon with his arms around me.

So for now it can all wait. The world can wait.

I’m thinking microwaved s’mores and a second dose of crappy movie to finish the night off strong.


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