Hoping Dreams Aren’t Premonitions

19 Sep

I had a dream I lost my wedding ring. I was in some kind of race across never-ending monkey bars that were covered with mattresses. Me and a bunch of people I didn’t know were on TOP of the monkey bars (with the mattresses on top of us) and trying to squeeze our way across. It was freakin’ weird. When I finally made my way out of that nonsense and was placing pillows in a giant pile (no idea) I looked down and realized my wedding ring was gone!

(This is literally something I fear happening and check my ring finger status like 12 times a day.)

So I ran around frantically until I found my husband to make him help me search for it. In a few minutes I had literally gone into full-out panic mode and was making everyone look for my ring. And for some reason I thought it was for sure back up in the monkey bar mattress drama, even though logically if that’s where I lost it it would have fallen to the floor, my dream self isn’t so into common sense. So I was back up squished in between monkey bars and mattresses and then that was it. I didn’t wake up after that dream, just moved on to bigger better dreams I’m sure. It wasn’t even one of those dreams you remember, until the first time you look down the next day to make sure your ring is still wrapped around your finger and your heart skips a beat with visions of panic and mattressed monkey bars in your mind.

The fear of losing my ring has nothing to do with the monetary value of the ring, it’s that it’s my ring. MY ring. And the thought of someone else finding it and treating it like just another piece of jewelry is not something I can handle. The ring my husband asked for my hand in marriage with, the ring I’ve worn since that day, the ring I refuse to take off (which will probably cost me dropping it down the drain at least twice in my lifetime while doing dishes but you can take those things apart right?). If I ever lost it I hope it’s in a situation where I know nobody else will ever be able to find it.

Like ingested by a cow or behind the couch. Nobody looks back there right?


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