Highlights Of The Coming Week: Sept. 19th – 25th

19 Sep

Monday the 19th –

 According to a very reliable source (About.com) this is National Talk Like A Pirate Day. I’m not sure why this isn’t a nationally recognized holiday, complete with store closings and treasure giving. I just feel like as a nation we could really get behind this one. Jack Sparrow could bring presents in the afternoon (we don’t wanna copy Christmas or anything, let’s be original guys), there could be treasure hunts where we all just head to the California coast and pan for gold for one more day, and of course by now we would all have the best pirate voices. We could do it big, real big. PS Anybody who calls me on this day is in for a real treat.

How I Met Your Mother season 7 premier tonight! (I promise to only make you aware of premiers and not remind you to watch every week like I’d like)

Tuesday the 20th –

 I’m moving in ten days!! Who’s coming over to help me pack?

Wednesday the 21st –

 International Day Of Peace. Try not to beat anybody up, I know it’ll be super hard.

Thursday the 22nd –

 Big Bang Theory season 5 and Community season 3 premier tonight. I’m thinking you should watch both of these.

Friday the 23rd –

This is the first day of Autumn! If you don’t love Fall there is something wrong with you. Like seriously. Hoodie weather and sleeping with the window open to let in the cold air while hunkering down under four quilts to stay warm, aka the best sleep ever. I love the leaves turning and falling. I love Halloween decorations, followed by Thanksgiving decorations, followed by Christmas decorations in close succession. I love the family time automatically implied by this time of year.

Fringe season 3 premier! What happens to Peter!? Or as I like to call him, Pacey Witter.

Saturday the 24th –

Today my older sister turns 26. We’re 15 months apart and I remember when we were younger she used to always tell me that when we were 14 we would be the same age at the same time, I’m not sure how she thought the years worked or how I was expected to catch up but she was serious. It wasn’t until I was like 12 that I realized this was physically impossible. I love you and I wish I could be there to help you celebrate! (she’s like one of the ten people who actually live in North Dakota where they have winter 11 months out of the year)

Sunday the 25th –

 Nothing happens on Sunday. I’m sure people who are into sports have a different opinion but I’m not one of those people.

Oh no wait I lied Sister Wives season whichever one they’re on now premiers tonight!! (they do their seasons all weird and I lost track and don’t particularly care to look it up)


4 Responses to “Highlights Of The Coming Week: Sept. 19th – 25th”

  1. Cassandra Gimbel September 19, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    First, I think I was all of 8 or 9 when I thought we would be the same age. I promise my math skills have improved significantly since then!! I think I really just wanted us be the same age. Funny thing is I never refer to you as my younger sister. That’s only Sam. In my head were the same age. Second, I would never live in this godforsaken place by choice. Who would? Average temp in January this year… -21. Ridiculous. I love and miss you like crazy!

    • Little Black Wedding Dress September 19, 2011 at 9:33 am #

      Ugh -21? That’s gotta be like celsius right? (I”m not sure how celsius works anyway). In Nebraska they’re already talking about turning on the heat, thank goodness I moved. I basically think we’re the same age too, even if that’s far from accurate. And I only refer to you as my older sister on this thing to keep the privacy (even though you comment with your full name) and to differ from younger sister. Good thing I only have two sisters and I’m in the middle, geez I’d have to resort to saying things like my third oldest sister or my younger younger brother, and that’s just annoying. PS Thanks for reading my blog at 4 in the morning 🙂 That’s love people, that’s love.

      • Cassandra September 19, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

        I’ve gotta do something at 4 in the morning to keep me awake while feeding the baby. And since you have a tendency to crack me up, I blog stalk you in the middle of the night! It’s a good time. On a side note, I’m fairly certain that -21 celcius is colder than farenhight. (Now I know that isn’t spelled correctly but this damn phone won’t autocorrect it for me. It corrects all the words I don’t want it to and it won’t help me out when I need it.)

  2. Valerie Henderson September 20, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    I live in Nebraska…and the heat has been on for about 3 days…

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