21 Sep

I think I’ve decided to link my blog to my Facebook. This will probably be most annoying to my Facebook friends but I’m kinda okay with that. I would link it to my Twitter too but I don’t really get Twitter. And I refuse to tweet things (tweet? I mean really? Couldn’t think of a lamer word?). I don’t understand retweeting and hashtagging, or when we decided to call the pound sign (#) a hashtag? Maybe that was always a thing and I just didn’t realize. I’m over it already. I have nothing clever to say in 120 (140?) characters anyway.

I also accidentally changed the home page a little bit. I’m not really sure how or how to change it back so I’ve decided I like it. I guess I don’t know how it looks to you anyway cause I’m always logged in, and I’m not so sure I remember my password so I refuse to log out and check it out. Hope it’s aesthetically pleasing!

I love writing things nobody cares about.


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