Soul Mates

21 Sep

Do you believe in soul mates? Like one person meant for everyone kinda soul mates?

I used to think about this a lot when I was like 18 and honestly the whole concept sounds pretty far-fetched. In a world filled with billions of people how were you supposed to find the other half to your soul? What an impossible thought. What a stupid idea. What if you lived in Missouri and your “soul mate” was in Japan, speaking a totally different language and stuff?

It’s actually pretty depressing if you think about it. What if you were married to someone who you loved and cared about but your soul mate was somewhere else in the world and you NEVER found them? NEVER? What a waste.

I also think a lot of people settle (not necessarily in a bad way either). But if your born and raised in Oklahoma, work at the local dairy barn in Oklahoma, and never leave Oklahoma, aren’t you going to end up with somebody from Oklahoma? Maybe soul mates are only for people who are seeking them? Maybe they’re one in a million? Or for people who won’t settle for less than the fairy tale? How are you to know?

I’ll tell you how.

If you asked my 18-year-old self about the validity of soul mates you would have gotten a “no”. But my 24-year-old self? Absolutely. No question. Unequivocally. Yes.

Because I’m not a freak and didn’t go looking for a soul mate or have like a soul mate checklist or anything, it didn’t occur to me to even think about whether my now husband was my soul mate until a few months after we were dating. And I was already in love with him. But that’s when I realized.

See I don’t think finding your soul mate has to be someone from across the world. Why can’t it be someone from the town you already live? How many events in your past lead you or even your family to that place? Not by chance. Something led to you working at Wal-Mart where you meet your future spouse, you could have just as easily worked at Target, right? But you didn’t. Every decision matters. And I think that’s what makes soul mates. A million things have to happen just right for you to even meet, nevermind falling in love.

My husband was born and raised in Tajikistan, Russia. When I met him he had only been speaking English for a year. The only family he has in the states lives in the same little town in CA that my Aunt lives, but yet he was in Omaha, NE for school. I had moved to Omaha for what was supposed to be just a year but three years later I was still there. And you’re telling me we both worked at the same establishment by chance? By chance? I don’t think so.

My soul mate was from across the world and I’m thankful everyday for the million things that had to go right to bring us together. I remember what he was wearing the day I met him. I remember him thinking I hated him. I remember the moment I fell in love with him. I remember the very second.


One Response to “Soul Mates”

  1. Oliver September 24, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    haha I remember having this conversation with you and we said the exact same thing.

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