Highlights Of The Coming Week: Sept. 26th – Oct. 2nd

25 Sep

Nothing exciting even happens this week so I’m gonna make stuff up…p.s. who likes my additions to the calendar above? super artistic right?

Monday the 26th –

The Hands Across America organization is holding another event today, like the one from 1986 where approximately 6.5 million people held hands across the Continental United States forming a chain across the states and raising money for charity. This time it’s just going to be a giant country-wide hug, where each individual state will have a meeting place for their “hug” (it will all be noon central time), most “hugs” will likely span a few cities. To find the “hug” meet up city in your state go to getyourhugon.com. (I don’t know why I’m making fun of this I actually think it’s like the coolest and hope “Hands Across America” does happen again so I can be a part of it, go to getyourhugon.com at your own risk)

Tuesday the 27th –

My sister’s computer keeps making me type in BOLD and it’s making me angry. Ugh. (this is happening right now not on Tuesday)

Wednesday the 28th –

Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown and lasts through nightfall on Sept. 30. I’m going to convert for these days because work isn’t permitted during Rosh Hashanah for the Jewish. (oh wait I don’t have a job, carry on without me Jews)

Thursday the 29th –

Soooo much to do on this day. I’ll probably sleep till noon.

Friday the 30th –

This is the day I’m moving. If you’re not at my house to help me unpack I don’t want to speak to you ever again (I’m only partly joking if you live within driving distance).

Saturday the  1st –

First day of October. I feel like October is kind of the lost month. I often forget about it and even skip over it when reciting the months (I also skip August, whoops). Even with Halloween being thrown in there, October means very little to me. Sorry all you October fans out there.

Sunday the 2nd –

Ummmm, umm, uh, ummmmm……Sunday Funday!! Do stuff.

This was like the lamest “Highlights of the coming week”, congrats if you made it this far.



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