Been Gone For A Week…

28 Sep

Sorry for my lack of posts (as if anyone cares). I spent the week in North Dakota surprising my sister with the help of my brother-in-law, meeting my three-month old nephew, and watching my two-year old niece in awe.

Now, a few stories from the week, or phrases anyway…

Planes suck. 4 hours on a plane sucks. Both of my longer flights made me plane sick and its the first time that’s happened since I was little and flying from Germany. Vomit, vomit, vomit (not really).

My sister escorted an old man outside as if she was his mistress. True story and I may have volunteered her.

Cutest thing to ever happen to the world is my niece being tucked in twice a day and both times her parents singing to her.

Baby smell is the best.

The movie “Abducted” was awful and spoiler alert! Nobody even gets abducted, not even once!

I missed nine of “my shows” during the 5 day period I was away. I’m not sure if this is super lame or really awesome. You’re right, it’s super awesome.

Took a Delta blanket off the plane with me, is that allowed?

Cheesecake with a sour cream topping basically tastes like sour cheesecake. Also don’t buy whipped icing, it tastes like a cloud but like not in a good way.

I took a pop tart from my sisters to eat on the plane, but I never did so I’m eating it now. She won’t know I took it until she reads this, hope it wasn’t a sacred pop tart.

Can you guys believe the Teen Mom Finale Special is broken up into two one hour specials and we have to wait till next week for the good one!? (no one cares about Farrah and Amber)

And now back to business, where were we? Oh right moving in two days. Time for a nap.


One Response to “Been Gone For A Week…”

  1. Cassandra September 28, 2011 at 11:34 pm #

    That was a box of poptarts either mom or Sam bought when they were last out here. Yes, that may have been a 10 month old poptart. Though you might be lucky and it was only 3 months old. Definitely not sacred! I don’t do poptarts!!

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