Okay, Okay…

5 Oct

Now I’m back for good. I’ll get back to posting every day or so, or like just whenever I feel like it. I’ve missed a few “Fave’s of the Week” and “Highlights of the Coming Week”, the “faves” I’ll do but you’re on your own with the “highlights” for the weeks I’ve missed. I doubt we missed anything too exciting anyway.

I have an orange tree in my backyard. Like it grows oranges not an orange-colored tree. Dummy. And we should all be as excited about this as I am! There’s also some other fruit tree back there but it’s something off-the-wall that no one needs to care about.

Also I have a BACKYARD. I’ve never been so excited to have a heap of dirt, some random lawn ornaments (that I’ll probably throw away), a clothesline (yeah I said a clothesline), and a not even big enough fence to keep my dog inside.

My husband has spent the past three days spending all his spare time trimming hedges and literally reshaping the horribly overgrown bushes that used to be hiding our house entirely. Not in a good way either, in a where did these rainforest bushes come from with all their leaves and branches!!

So I’ve written an open letter to my new house…

Dear New Home,

I really enjoy your wood-paneled door frames, new carpet, and spacious interior. My dogs love all the low windows at perfect height for them to just stick their heads out and bark at the neighbors, even though this means these low windows are also at the perfect height for any burglars and murders to just step right in, I appreciate that they enjoy it so much. Plus I saw Home Alone so I know to just crush up some Christmas ornaments and stick them beneath the windows to really slow down anyone who might be after me.

I don’t understand why the front yard is half dirt and half grass. What were you going for there? I think maybe you missed the mark on that one. Not to mention the ungodly bushes! Don’t worry we’ve already decapitated half of them. Hope you guys weren’t close. I have a serious problem with the shower. Like you need to see me in person so we can talk about it problem. If you were my student and this so-called shower was an essay of sorts you turned in, it would be returned with a “See Me” scrawled across the top in red with a frowning face. And don’t even get me started on the fact that their isn’t a single outlet in the bathroom. I might cry. How’s a girl supposed to do her hair?!?!?!?!

I like having two bedrooms even though I don’t have a single piece of furniture to put in a second bedroom. You have like a million windows, some not even to see outside just in between rooms, you must have gotten my memo about really enjoying natural light so, Thank you. The blinds on the front door and all the doily looking curtains must go though.

Lastly I’ve grown accustomed to calling the back porch room “the dirt room” so if we could all get on the bandwagon here and make this a thing that’d be great.

Occupy You Always (but not really),

Little Black Wedding Dress


2 Responses to “Okay, Okay…”

  1. melissa palomino October 5, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    The home alone part made my night!

  2. casallina October 7, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Congrats on the new home! I’m guessing you’ll be taking more IKEA trips?! As for no outlets in the bathroom, I feel your pain.

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