Fave Of The Week

7 Oct

This is Baxter.

He likes lying around the backyard, drinking water to get his manly beard all saturated and playing with Howard (stuffed duck not a euphemism). He is my fave of the week (like a week ago) because my sister likes to keep her house at below freezing temperatures and for the five days I was there Baxter would lay on my feet keeping them warm. This is my sisters dog in case you didn’t catch that.

He’s one of those easy-going dogs. If he was a human I’m pretty sure he’d be a surfer dude lying on the beach somewhere, naked. He doesn’t wear any clothes but he stays well-groomed so it’s all good. Also he’s great with kids. He plays with my two-year old niece and never gets too rough. And one time when I went to the bathroom I let him watch my three-month old nephew, he did great, changed his diaper and everything. That’s not true, I don’t want you calling child protective services on me or anything. Geez.

That is all I have to say about Baxter. Except this….He’s always warm and that’s important in a furry companion, like very important.


One Response to “Fave Of The Week”

  1. Cassandra October 7, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    He’s the best furry companion I’ve had! And 70 degrees is NOT below freezing!!

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