I’m That Girl…

7 Oct

I’m that girl who could watch “The Family Stone” 365 days of the year. Or any Rachel McAdams movie for that matter, she’s fantastic. Seriously how good is “The Time Travelers Wife”!

I’m that girl who lets zumba fitness kick her ass once a day. (I’m gonna start again anyway)

I’m that girl who gets excited about Pottermore.

I’m that girl who owns all the Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls seasons and watches them repeatedly. Fun fact: Dawson’s Creek is the reason I want to be a screenwriter.

I’m that girl who started wearing makeup at 23.

I’m that girl who didn’t like Justin Bieber until I saw “Never Say Never” and realized how much work he put into making it as a singer. I respect that.

I’m that girl who can recite every Nelly lyric to every Nelly song. Go ahead test me. Everything except that Brass Knuckles album which was terrible.

I’m that girl who thinks water should be free. For EVERYONE.

I’m that girl who thinks dryer sheets and candy are extremely overpriced.

I’m that girl who’s honest to a fault.

I’m that girl who thinks it’s okay to wear jeans year round.

I’m that girl who if you mean the world to me, I make you my world.

I’m that girl who played basketball and climbed trees as a kid.

I’m that girl misses her mother and sisters daily.

I’m that girl who thinks alcohol tastes awful, unless it’s a pretty color and adorned with a little umbrella.

I’m that girl who got married in a courthouse to the man of my dreams.

I’m that girl who’s best friend lives too far away.

I’m that girl who’s kind of scared of elevators, but only if they go more than a few stories.

I’m that girl refuses to watch a movie if an animal dies, eff you “I Am Legend”.

I’m that girl.


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