Fave Of The Week

8 Oct

Embellish Your Story by Roeda

I must confess I love this. I love everything about this!

Essentially everything is magnetic and you get to piece together your own home decor. This is my kind of decor too, some people prefer sconces and abstract metal wall hangy things but I’m more of a quotes written across the wall, family pictures type of decorator (also a fan of a good painting here and there).

I actually discovered this by accident the other day when I was at the local Pharmacy (perks of a small town). They had this little section (and I mean little) of really cool home decorations. Upon further inspection I noticed it was all magnetic and you could pick different pieces and mix and match all of them! From magnetic boards to put on your fridge to magnetic frames you could pick out a cute saying to put on, or even make your own because of course the whole alphabet was there. I’m partial to this saying…

But really there are so many options and colors I liked it all. Definite fave of the week thus far.

There are a few Embellish Your Story stores but they’re all in Michigan. So unless you know of a store that might have a little section of them you can check out all the options online HERE.


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