Highlights Of The Coming Week: Oct. 17th – Oct. 23rd

16 Oct

Monday the 17th –

National Boss Day. Unless there’s an Employee Day I vote we don’t celebrate this at all. Oh there is a National Employee Appreciation Day? Huh. I still say we skip this one.

Tuesday the 18th –

Training at my new job starts today. I’m both excited and not so excited about this. I guess I’ll let you know which one wins in the end.

Wednesday the 19th –

Going to San Francisco to go on a tour of the college I’ll be attending in January. Now this I KNOW I’m excited about. P.S. I love you San Francisco.

Thursday the 20th –

I know someone with a birthday today. Can’t remember who though, probably one of my 27 cousins (I know). Happy Birthday mystery person!

Friday the 21st –

Remember that preacher, Harold Camping, who had everyone believing The Rapture was going to be May 21st? Well now that The Rapture is over (NOTHING HAPPENED) the real dread begins because on this day everyone who was Left Behind will die. Party at my place?

Saturday the 22nd –

 9 days until Halloween! Last year I told everyone at work I was dressing up to work on the night of Halloween, so they would dress up too. I made a big deal and told everyone they simply HAD to dress up…..then I went to work in my regular uniform while everyone else wore costumes. Yup I’m that awesome.

Sunday the 23rd –

Mother In Law Day. That’s kinda like regular Mother’s Day but not, you get to wear party hats.


One Response to “Highlights Of The Coming Week: Oct. 17th – Oct. 23rd”

  1. Cassandra October 16, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    It’s Dawns birthday on the 20th. Don’t know why I remember rand things like this.

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