Board Games!

18 Oct

First of all I LOVE board games. Board games we’re a definite staple of my childhood. And every christmas we could expect at least a few new games for the family under the tree. They were a great way to pass the time and something fun to do as a family or when friends came over. In fact when I lived in New York (that one time) in like 10th grade, when the whole family would get together for the holidays, you could bet on all the cousins sitting at the table around an “Outburst” board. And then there was this EPIC GAME OF PICTIONARY (all caps, that’s how serious it was) but that’s another story all together, all you need to know is my two sisters VS. my three cousin siblings and the superior group won (us of course, no but really it was close and very epic to say the least). These are some of my favorites, or ones I have something to say about anyway.


I sort of love/hate Monopoly. It’s a fun game, unless you’re losing. And it’s pretty easy to see who’s losing early on, and if that persons me, I quit. My husband had never played before (I know right, for the last year or so he’s asked me to teach him but I was so over it) but we recently sat down and played with my niece and nephew. And I sort of got into it all over again, so much so that we bought the new (or not so new? I’m not keeping up with all the Monopolies these days) one where it has electronic banking. We hated it, everyone has these credit card things and the banker just types in the money without their being any actual money (it’s a lot like our governments money system, no actual gold standard to back up this said money). Turns out playing with the rainbow-colored money is what makes Monopoly so appealing. P.S. Did you know if someone lands on a space and declines to buy it you’re supposed to auction off the property to the highest bidder? Um since when. And what do you mean Free Parking is just a space to park at? I don’t get any free money? Not in my house.


This is probably my favorite game. But only if I can play with my cousins so we can all yell at each other the whole time and blame losing on our crappy artistic abilities, which of course we blame our parents for. Plus we’re the only ones who know if a circle with four stick legs is drawn, that it’s an animal and that’s as elaborate as the drawings gonna get so just keep guessing animals.


I have Harry Potter clue, yeah you wish you were this cool. I never win this game, because I refuse to believe Colonel Mustard would ever do such a thing with the candlestick in the library. Anyone seen “Clue” the movie? I watched it like 80 times when I was a kid, don’t worry I wont ruin it for you (everyone did it).


I hate this game. Only because it’s all chance, and that stupid wheel thingy never spins right anyway. Plus I always end up having twins like 3 times and I have to start driving around two vehicles, I don’t think so. If I had twins twice in real life I’d just stop having kids, on principle.


Honestly this game is pretty boring, unless you have Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship. I know it sounds lame but it’s a little different from the original (your ships have special powers and stuff) and a lot more fun. I don’t even know if they sell this one anymore, if not you can borrow mine.


I’ll kick anyone’s ass any day of the week at this game. It’s a pretty useless skill that comes in handy never, that I have. It’s hard to find the original version of this game, usually only around the holidays and even then it’s mostly the Indian version (not that there’s anything wrong with that).


Ugh. Just ugh. Being someone who fancies themselves good with words, I just can’t get it together on this game. Maybe it’s the pressure of the timer, or trying to concentrate on a single letter, or maybe I’m not actually good with words at all, well whatever it is, I suck at this game and therefore use whatever excuse necessary to get out of playing it. Yup that’s right I’m not above lying to get out of playing this one.

Mille Bornes.

Okay okay I know this one’s a card game but it’s the best! I don’t even know why it’s so fun. Using cards to take a trip and making other people crash or get flat tires, it’s great. Most people probably havent even heard of this one (it’s french and therefore it’s sophisticated, not really) but if you see it at your local Wal-Mart next to the UNO cards buy it, you won’t be disappointed. And if you are disappointed just return it, Wal-Mart loves when people return things, they told me so.


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