Fave Of The Week

19 Oct

The Golden Gate Bridge

I’ve been to San Fransisco many times and have not once gone to the Golden Gate Bridge, until today. To tell you the truth I had no idea there was even anything there. I just assumed it was another bridge you drove over and sure it looked cool from afar and as you’re driving over it, plus it is the bridge from Full House, but that’s about it. And unless you’re driving over it in a top down convertible with Uncle Jesse what else could possibly be there right? But there is something there.

As you get out of your car at the overlook right before you drive over the bridge, you see a sprawling forest with some very “Twilight” looking trees. You know, the kind of trees that seem to reach for the sky, the ones Edward jumps out of his bedroom window and runs through with Bella on his back (and if you don’t know you’re missing out). There are like a zillion trails, some leading down to the water of the Pacific Ocean as it splashes onto rocks, others entwining through the forests, and even more leading up and around to the bridge. Really and truly its beautiful.

The weather is always perfect in San Fransisco. Not hot and just perfect for a light sweater or jacket. It’s windy, but not to the point of chasing plastic bags down the street windy. It’s sunny, yet overcast. It’s colder by the water, yet not cold enough to stop you from walking by the edge. It’s my favorite city.

At the bridge there are numerous overlooks on the trails and tons of perfect picture-taking spots. As you get to the part where you can actually walk across the bridge there’s this little cafe and gift shop to stop at. I’m not sure if it’s always swarming with people who are on break from lunch or something or if today was special. It’s definitely where I’d spend my free time if I lived there.


2 Responses to “Fave Of The Week”

  1. Cassandra October 20, 2011 at 6:00 am #

    It’s my favorite city too and I miss it dearly. I miss living there. Somebody needs to get me out of this hell hole!

    • Little Black Wedding Dress October 21, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

      You should probably move back already 🙂

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