Who Reads This Anyway?

21 Oct

I was just reading back through the archives and re-reading some of the stuff I’ve posted. It’s really all over the place isn’t it! Who reads this crap anyway?

I talk about nothing of importance, mostly make fun of people, and despite my addiction to spell check can point out at least two misspelled words. But I warned you I wasn’t going to write anything of importance in the “About Me” section, so if you expected anything more, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

For some more nonsense…

The dress pants I bought for work only have two belt loops in the front (no idea) so I was thinking about sewing at least one more belt loop on the back. Because obviously my belt doesn’t stay in place with just the two loops in the front and of course a belt is a part of the uniform. Then I was thinking how the hell am I going to do this without seriously jacking up the pants? The only kind of sewing I can do is buttons or sewing in a place that won’t be seen by the general public. I might just take my chances cause I’m a rebel like that.

My house is mostly set up. I just have to buy decorations, furnish a second bedroom, do something about a yard made of dirt rather than grass, and hang up the pictures and decorations I do have. Okay I lied, my house is far from finished.

I would like to be Gretel for Halloween and make my husband be Hansel. Wait Gretel is the girl right?

The movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love” was fantastic. You should be watching it right now.

The trees right outside my house leak sap like a mother father. The trees we have to park under. I’m telling you this because I should be outside washing my car, but I’m really lazy and would rather catch up on episodes of Up All Night, even though it’s not that funny.


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