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26 Oct

This time of year always reminds me of home videos from my childhood. And oh there are some good ones!

I think my family might own the most random set of home videos known to woman. And this is where I dish on all the goods and tell you about them in agonizing detail, or you know, just the jest. Now some of these videos I was too little to remember (except that false sense of memory you get from watching said videos over and over again) and others I could probably be to blame for their existence (*caugh*Brady*caugh*Bunch).

“Christmas 1992” scrolled across the sticker on the side of this VHS, in my mothers perfect handwriting. I’m not sure why but my older sister and I (she’s only a year older so just about every childhood memory I have is paired with “my older sister and I”) loved watching this tape when we were little. I was a few weeks shy of six that Christmas and the whole video is ridiculous. My father is the camera man, my mother refuses to be seen on the video so she keeps dodging it, and my sister and I are running around in feety pajamas. The video only makes it about halfway through the present opening. I wonder what happened there? Did my father’s arm get too tired from holding the camera sans a tripod? Was my mother sick of doing a duck and roll maneuver every time she needed to get across the room? Did my feety pajamas try to strangle me? All I know is the video cuts off right after we open a giant keyboard (that I do remember playing with as a kid) and I always wonder….what happened next?

There’s a video of the day my “Little Sister” was brought home from the hospital. It’s mostly my older sister and I (6 and 7 at the time) walking around our house pointing things out until we eventually make it to the nursery. I think it ends with baby sleeping in crib but I can’t be sure.

Okay fine this video was all my fault. I’m not really sure why but when I was little I super enjoyed singing and dancing, okay fine I still like singing and dancing, whatever. So I had this brilliant idea to choreograph a “Brady Bunch” song and dance on the trampoline. Sounds like something everyone wants to see, right? It was my sisters and I plus some family friends we’ve known for basically ever (a sister and brother). So all day we practiced in the basement, getting our parts just right and figuring out how to bounce on the trampoline in sync. The plan was to put on a show for our parents when we got it just right. Luckily our parents got out the video camera for this so they could enjoy our awesome performance for years to come! Or more like show it to us years later so we could all laugh at how terrible we really were. “Sha na na na, na na na na na, sha na na na na!”

My older sister and I (see I told you) decided to dress up my little sister and make a music video of her singing  songs by “Sammie” (who was young at the time, this was way before his feature on “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”). I actually super enjoy this video, and I know you would too. Everyone likes videos of 6 year olds who are clearly doing things that only their older siblings would force them to do.

I have a video from a Video Production class I took in 8th grade. It’s essentially me and my friends doing a rendition of the show “Friends” as if they were in High School. It’s so awful. So, so awful. I love it. I know there was a plot, a conflict, and the basic beginning, middle, and end necessary for a film to be a film, but really it was just an excuse for my friends and I to hang out after school for a few consecutive weeks. We put the film together quickly and spent most of our time hanging out at the “beach” (really just a run-off from the mountains that always had water flowing through it and  for some unknown reason had a floor of sand) and at the gas station that was just down a massive hill, through an apartment complex and across the “beach” from my house. I never turned in the video for credit, but still managed to pass the 8th grade.

A lot of these videos have multiple things on them, I just mentioned some of my favorites. Plus the aforementioned family friends have some pretty hilarious videos of us kids growing up together. Lots of head banging the refrigerator, birthday parties, spending the night for the first time, going around in a circle stating our name, age, and favorite color (this still happens one the rare occasion that we all end up in Colorado at the same time), and of course my favorite moment EVER captured on video…

My sisters and I are at the home of our family friend and our friends mother is going around in our usual “state your name, age, and favorite color…” circle to us and her daughter. My little sister is probably barely 2 and on a scan of the room we see her standing on a chair by herself by the counter. In the middle of someone answering the question we hear a loud fall in the background followed by a scream, as my sister falls from the chair. The camera is set on the counter as she goes to comfort the baby. Her daughter and myself (who obviously could care less about the screaming child and whether she’s okay or not) start ransacking the cupboard looking for cookies. But my older sister goes right up to the camera lens and starts talking to it. And in the best voice I’ve ever heard come out of a kid she says “Is she gonna be okay?! I hoooooooooooooooooope sooooooooooo.” Really you’ve gotta hear it to appreciate it fully and if it was in my spectrum of possibilities to attach the audio here I would. Cause everyone should hear it! The contrast between the screaming baby, the two kids seen in the background looking for snacks, and the kid up close and personal talking to a camera is just so perfect. We love making fun of this video when we get together. We always end up sitting around the TV going through tape after tape just laughing and wondering just who exactly was responsible for dressing us?!

Home videos are something I hope my future children enjoy as much as I did growing up. Will my home videos be as riveting and telling of the past as the ones my parents have captured? I hooooooooooooope soooooooooooooooooo.


2 Responses to “Home Videos”

  1. Cassandra October 30, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    I wrote a HUGE response to this blog and for some reason it didn’t post. I was just telling some of my favorite parts of the movies. But I am so not rewriting it!!!

  2. Little Black Wedding Dress October 30, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    I’m sorry that’s not an option on this blog, you HAVE to rewrite it 🙂

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