Perks Of A Small Town

31 Oct
  • Your neighbors love talking to you, I mean LOVE. I didn’t even know neighbors were still a thing. My favorite neighbor is the one who constantly repeats the fact that she grew up “on the streets of New York” (her words not mine) and despite the fact that I used to live in New York and have visited often, which I’ve told her, she keeps telling me about it like I’ve never been there. She did make me and my husband homemade spaghetti sauce with meatballs though, so she’s forgiven.
  • There are zero places to work in a small town so driving to work is always a commute. Luckily I love driving and prefer a commute to work, as long as were not talking traffic.
  • You can say things like “No we don’t shop there, that’s ALL the way across town.”, when talking about a place that’s 1.3 miles away.
  • Everybody knows your name. Which is creepy so you refuse to tell anyone your name, for fear of strangers approaching you and calling you by your first name.
  • You can hear the cannon go off during High School football games every time they score a touchdown, no matter where you are in town. Yeah I said cannon, a full-blown cannon.
  • The gas station can make gas prices whatever they want, cause guess what? Unless you’re smart enough to keep enough gas in your tank to get to a different town that’s at least 20 minutes away, you HAVE to get gas there. That goes for the only grocery store in town too.
  •  You could trick or treat the whole town in 30 minutes.
  • The town center is actually that, a cute little roundabout in the center of town lined with shops and city hall.
  • It’s really cozy and old timey. With town meetings, a basket case mayor, the town troubadour singing on the street corner, visitors staying at the Dragonfly Inn, a crazy townie who works at every establishment, weekly carnivals and town get togethers, and of course daily meetups at Luke’s Diner…….oh no wait that’s Gilmore Girls, my bad.

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