Fave Of The Week

5 Nov

My friend, who made Karagh, said he would help me make a costume for Halloween if I get back to him soon enough.
I think I want to go as my muppet. I want a foam head to put over my head that looks exactly like her, with yarn hair, and I would wear a black sweatshirt, and have sticks hanging from my sleeves, and I would carry her around.
And, oh my fucking god, I JUST thought of this: What if I print out a picture of my face, with eye holes, and put it on her face like a mask?
What if I go as my muppet for Halloween and she goes as me?
Oh, fuck, I have to go lie down. I’m too good for this Earth.


Um guys this is my absolute favorite blog! Caragh Poh is hilarious, like even more hilarious than myself, which we all know is hard to come by. She also writes for the blog HelloGiggles, which is another excellent source of entertainment, so seriously you should check her out. I read her posts religiously and never find myself disappointed. You know I wouldn’t lie to you.

PS. I’m not sure why the link isn’t working but we can all handle typing it into our browser right?


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