Highlights Of The Coming Week: Nov. 21st – Nov. 27th

17 Nov

I know I’ve slacked like a TON on my “Highlights Of The Coming Week” posts, but no worries I’m bringing it back. Ish. Plus the only thing we missed was Halloween and Kim Kardashian filing for divorce. No one saw that one coming right?

Sweet looking turkey!

Monday the 21st –

Two years ago today, I got married. Wow, that happened fast. Two years filled with learning how he likes his dress shirts ironed and learning that I hate ironing with a passion. Two years of learning how to cook a proper meal and I still sometimes burn the toast. Two years of learning to push and pull together, instead of against each other. Two years of “Okay fine, lets bet!”, when 90% of the time he wins these bets and with all bets resulting in a full body massage from the loser, I should probably stop betting him (Trust me I’ve tried, every time I lose he gets the “I’m not betting you anymore!” speech. But seriously why is what appears to be the bottom of the banana actually the top!? I have serious problems with losing that bet). Two years of waking up with a smile on my face, cause he’s mine and I get to keep him for always.

Tuesday the 22nd –

This is the day everyone should go see “Breaking Dawn Part 1”. this way were not ALL at the midnight showing dressed as Bella with our “TEAM EDWARD” signs. Who me? Oh no I won’t be doing that.

Wednesday the 23rd –

Everybody should starve themselves this day, so we can all have maximum capacity available for tomorrow. This is a good idea for everyone except me, cause I like eating on the daily.

Thursday the 24th –

Thanksgiving. Here’s a funny conversation from last Thanksgiving. My husband and I were in New York so Thanksgiving was spent at my Aunt’s house. We’ve all paid attention and remember by husbands from Tajikistan (Russia) right? Okay good. So were all sitting around the table when…

Aunt (to my husband) – So what do you guys do in your country for Thanksgiving?

Husband – <blank stare on his face, trying to determine if she’s joking or not>

Me (to my Aunt) – Uh, you remember the story of the pilgrims and the indians right?

Aunt – <confused look> Yeah.

Me – I’m pretty sure that only happened in America.

Aunt -Ohh, right.

<The room erupts in laughter as my Cousin drops to the floor, doubled over in pain from laughing so hard>

….And that’s basically how our family does Thanksgiving.

Friday the 25th –

Black Friday! I love that black friday feels more like a holiday than most holidays! And it’s probably my most favorite day of the year. Even when I worked at Best Buy and had to work it. I loved seeing all the crazy people standing outside at 4am, rushing in the doors as soon as the clock struck 6am (even though that’s unnecessary at Best Buy since they have a system where they hand out tags to the people when their in line outside so they’ll already know if they can get what they’ve come for), and working a 10 hour shift only breaking to enjoy the catered lunch in the break room. Ah the good old days. But what I love more than working a hectic black friday morning is getting to shop and be one of those ridiculous people who freeze their ass off for 3 hours just to get a copy of “Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Part 2” on Blu-ray for 9.99! Seriously folks, Best Buy, Harry Potter, 9.99 (or 6.99 if DVD is what you fancy), midnight, be there or be square.  And don’t even get me started on the Memory Foam bath rugs at Wal-Mart for 6.97.

Saturday the 26th –

Uh nothing happens this day.

Sunday the 27th –

Or this one. Except it is National Pins And Needles Day, whatever that means.


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