22 Dec

That’s right, FOG. All capital letters, that’s how serious it is.

I used to like FOG. It’s easily the fastest way to make something look eerie, yet cool. It also makes me feel like a vampire (am I the only one who associates FOG with vampires?), which is like third on my list to Santa this year.

I’ve just recently discovered that driving in the FOG is awful. So, so much awfulness. I drive to work on what is known as the “back roads”. Thirty minutes on these back roads, through mostly farms and fields of trees. It’s a nice drive usually, cruising at 55 mph and just taking in the view of the hills far off to the left and watching cows and horses graze the fields. Sounds nice right? Yup, until the FOG sets in.

The FOG is so severe and it happens at all times of the day. It surrounds my car to the point where I literally can’t see the lines dividing the road I’m on. Not to mention that on these “back roads” I see at least 10 different road killed animals daily. So as I’m driving guessing where my lane ends and another begins I’m also terrified of hitting a poor baby racoon that I probably wouldn’t even notice until I felt my car driving over it. Oh God I hope that doesn’t happen.

So my nice peaceful drive to work cruising at 55 mph taking in the scenery has now evolved to a panic-stricken 15 mph trudge through what appears to be nothingness but is really just a giant cloud blinding me from the night.

Those vampires need to come get their fog.



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