Then & Now : Dawson’s Creek

26 Dec

I love Dawson’s Creek, oh no wait I said that wrong, I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Dawson’s Creek. But let’s be honest those kids definitely went through their awkward stages on that show. Shall we see how they all turned out and what they’re up to now? Why yes I think we shall.

Dawson Leery

I hated every stage of his hair on that show, especially when he’d brush it all back and go with the slick back look. It’s so bad I refuse to post it here and don’t even get me started on his outfit choices.

James Van Der Beek II

Thank God he cut that hair! In case it’s not abundantly clear, I have a problem with long hair on guys, I don’t care who you are, cut your hair boy. James still stars in TV movies and has been a guest star on shows like Law And Order and Franklin and Bash. He has a one year old daughter, Olivia, and announced in October of this year him and his wife are expecting again. Good for them, I hope he’s finally over Joey.

Pacey Witter

Pacey was the cool, carefree one, and let’s be honest he was everyone’s favorite. All of my favorite moments from this show are when Pacey and Joey were together. Somehow even though it was stated that Dawson and Joey were soul mates since they were kids (and I’m always rooting for the perfect love story), in the end this guy had me rooting for a Pacey and Joey happy ending.

Joshua Jackson

Joshua is now the star of another one of my favorite shows, Fringe, and if you don’t watch it I don’t wanna talk to you ever again. It’s the best. He’s been dating some model since 2006. What about Joey, Pacey!?

Joey Potter

Can we all agree that Joey was annoying at times? And the most indecisive for no reason person on the planet. I mean obviously Dawson is a huge dork and you don’t want your children to be dorks so you can’t marry him.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is still acting on occasion. She was hilarious in “Mad Money” and who knows what she does in her personal life. I think she’s married to some famous actor and has a 5-year-old fashionista or something, who knows.

Jennifer Lindley

Jenn also had some horrific hair choices throughout the show. To begin with I didn’t like her character and more often than not she was written as the boring B story line in an episode. I grew to like her character when her and Jack became friends, she needed more of a story arc then just 4th wheel and he gave her that. Quick question, We never find out who the baby daddy is in the last episode do we?

Michelle Williams

Michelle has moved on to the big screen and has starred alongside famous actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, and the late Heath Ledger. Michelle and Heath were married for three years before separating in 2007 and have one daughter together.


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