Fact Or Fate?

3 Jan

People more than anything are a product of their environment. Anyone who says differently is just lying to you.

I can’t decide which I believe is more true. The fact that if somethings meant to be it’ll happen, no matter what. Or the fact that every little thing matters, even the tiniest of decisions shape the future.

I guess in a sense both are true. Maybe fate only applies to big things, like life and death, success and failure, Cold Stone or Baskin Robbins. Cold Stone obviously. Maybe the small things in life are the only things we have any control over, but whose to say what’s big and small.

If I would have left the house 3 minutes later, that cop wouldn’t have been there and I wouldn’t have gotten that ticket.

If I didn’t ride my bike down that massive hill, I wouldn’t have flipped over the front of it and skid down the street scraping up my whole body.

If I hadn’t visited the penguin exhibit at that exact moment I would have missed that guy getting on one knee and proposing to that girl.

If I had taken that job offer, I wouldn’t have had the chance to date my now husband.

But who knows, maybe it would have all happened anyway. Maybe there would have been another cop a little further waiting to write me that ticket. Maybe if I didn’t go down that hill I would have run over a rock that threw me from my bike and got me all bruised up anyway. Maybe that guy was looking at that penguin exhibit all day and no matter what time I entered, that was going to be the moment he chose to drop to his knee. Maybe I would have ended up running into my husband at the produce section of the grocery store and the whole thing would have happened anyway.

I guess we’ll never know, huh.

Wanna know what’s even creepier to think about? In 100 years, none of this will matter. I mean sure we all hope we do something that’ll change the world and hopefully raise a few kids who make a difference. But the day-to-day stuff means very little.

No one will care what kind of car you drove or what kind of cell phone you had. No one will remember that time you wore your pajamas to the grocery store, the time you backed into a fence with your husband’s car, that time you waited until 6 months after your car registration was due to renew it or that blog you wrote in on occasion.

The only thing I plan to accomplish with my life is somehow, someway, leaving my mark on this earth. I don’t just wanna be remembered, I wanna make a difference. And I want to raise children who believe the same thing. I don’t care how they do it, but if in 100 years everything you did was for nothing then what was the point anyway?

Oh and because I’m lame and I think love is eternal I also plan on loving my husband with all my heart.

“It’s never too late to be the person you wanted to be.” – Some famous person, who I’m way too lazy to google right now, said this once. Also its very possible its anonymous.


One Response to “Fact Or Fate?”

  1. Donna January 4, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    Well you might meet someone in the produce section in the grocery store , who knows what is out there,but what i can say is knowing someone who wants to go and get what they want is awsome..and to have people like that in my life is great..you go get them girl and i hope i am around to see your mark…love ya

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