25 & 2,000

5 Jan


In 2 hours and 14 minutes I’m turning 25. Actually, technically, like my Mom would tell you, I was born in Germany so it’s already my birthday. I’m already 25.

A quarter of a century. Halfway through my twenties (Will people start describing me as being in my late twenties now? Or does that happen next year at 26?) Eight years since I graduated high school. Geez.

Age matters a great deal when you’re younger. 12 is a lot different from 14. And 16 is a world apart from 18. But once you hit 20 it all just sorta jumbles together. Whenever someone asks me my age I always have to stop and think about it (Fun Fact: In a post from this very blog I wrote my age wrong once already, not a mistype either, just plain old thought I was 23. The person who caught this mistake you ask? My Mom. Of course she would know, right.). I think around age 30, age starts mattering again, but I’ll get back to you in 5 years about that one.

I love that my birthday is at the beginning of the year. The new year always feels like a fresh start and turning a year older 6 days later just adds to the feeling of new beginnings. I can already tell I’m gonna like being 25. This is it, right here, right now. I won’t get a second chance at my 25th year.


Little Black Wedding Dress is 4 views away from 2,000 views. No joke. That’s in a little over four months, since my first post.

That’s the best birthday present of all! So thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my rantings and occacional ravings.

…I turn 25 in 1 hour and 38 minutes.


One Response to “25 & 2,000”

  1. Cassandra January 6, 2012 at 5:04 am #

    Fun fact: I caught the wrong age thing and told your mother about it! Happy birthday!

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