Don’t Worry, I Don’t Know What This Post Is Really About Either…

20 Jan

My favorite part about deodorant is when it gets near the end and keeps flopping out of the holder and onto the floor. Also I really like when I buy new body wash because I ran out, but totally forget to put it in the shower until 4 minutes into my shower.

I probably should have done laundry today. And the dishes. AND I’m probably gonna spend my day off tomorrow avoiding doing these things all over again.

Bananas smell way better than they taste.

French fries should be their own food group. And you should need three servings a day.

I took a typing test the other day just for fun to see how fast I can type and I type 52 words per minute. I’m adding that to my resume. In middle school we had to take a typing class and tests all the time. They had those shields over your hands and keyboard so you couldn’t look at the keys. I would just slouch in my seat so I could see under the shield, such a cheater.

I don’t care about football. Or sports for that matter. Or whatever a Tebow is.

If you don’t already watch the show “Shameless” on Showtime, you need to put down your iPhone and get on that.

My blog has been acting weird lately. It shows me the stats all funny and won’t let me click half the things. It also had this big red warning sign that said my version of Internet Explorer was outdated and I needed to upgrade, which I prominently ignored, as I do every other pop up warning my computer throws in my face. I wonder if that’s the problem.  

Guys remember 2 years ago when Jesse McCartney was gonna release his “Have It All CD” and still HASN”T!? Lets fire that guy.

I gave my dogs both baths tonight and I feel super accomplished. I can’t ever have kids though. There’s no way I can be responsible for something that needs a bath more than once a month, I just can’t.

Is Leah from “Teen Mom 2” really pregnant again? With twins again?! Which one of you knows her personally and can give me the scoop on the baby bump?


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