Crazy Pants

6 Feb

An excerpt of random thought: While Driving

{ } These are me singing out loud in my car. Bonus if you can tell me what song I’m listening to on repeat the whole way home I’ll give you a candy bar (no I won’t).

Is that a cop or a taxi creeping up behind me? I should probably slow down so I can find out. Oh, just a taxi. Wait, a taxi? Their are like .3 people in each of these towns, who needs a taxi? Must have driven here all the way from New York.  

{I stare at a picture of you and listen to the radio}

Today’s Monday right? Yeah, oh good I’m off the next three days! I have so much to do though, to clean, to organize, and the devil itself, laundry. Why is it a shirt can hang in my closet for two years and still be considered clean but if I put it on and wear it for four hours it’s dirty? Who makes this stuff up? Somebody needs to sit sown and change the parameters of dirty vs. clean laundry, not me though, I obviously have better things to do.

It’s already February 6th. Almost Valentine’s Day. Geez.

{I go out and I sit down at a table set for two, and finally I’m forced to face the truth}

 Eff this little stretch of road not even a quarter of a mile long where the speed limit goes from 55 to 45, you’re messing with my cruise control.

Laugh out loud, I saw someone earlier who was attempting to speak spanish and it looked more like trying to do sign language. That awkward moment when attempting to speak spanish looks more like attempting to do sign language. That’s hilarious, note to self, put in blog post at some point. I’m so good at “That awkward moment when…”‘s.

I’m off tomorrow, yay.

{Not over you, not over you, not over you}

Oh shoot I just passed the last gas station on my way home. I’ll make it 12 more miles right? It’s okay that the lights been on since before I got to work right? Guess I’ll find out.

OMG I neeed to see the new Rachael McAdams movie, “The Vow”. That’s gonna be a tear jerker for sure. Is it even out yet? Their were like four other movies I was excited to see too but I can’t remember what they were. HUNGER GAMES.

I’m off tomorrow!

I’m hungry, burrito time.

{You took this heart and put it through hell, but still you’re magnificent. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’m a boomerang}

I have so many fantastic ideas for a fun/crazy awesome photo shoot, Analiza better get back here quick so we can follow through with all our crazy plans. Hahaha that night we sat up just coming up with some ridiculous plans!! Cause we’re awesome.

Thank goodness I’m off tomorrow!!  

{If you ask me how I’m doing, I would say I’m doing just fine, I would lie and say that you’re not on my mind}

I have so many games of Scramble with Friends to catch up on. I probably shouldn’t do that while driving ri… Ugh! Dead animal on the side of the road. (Flashes of that enormous pile of road kill from the movie “House Of  Wax” go through my mind, which is what I think of every time I see roadkill.) 


Why do these folks have to park right in front of my house all the time?

You’re all crazy pants.


3 Responses to “Crazy Pants”

  1. Cassandra February 6, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    I would say the song is “not over you.” I still want a candy bar even if I’m wrong. Peanut butter snickers please! And play me at scramble, even though I suck. I want to beat you!

    • littleblackweddingdress February 6, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

      Oh excellent candy bar choice! You win!

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