70 Dolla Holla

8 Feb

It’s very rare that I come across an internet video that I actually enjoy and don’t feel like I’m wasting precious minutes of my life by watching. I mean, I love cats playing piano as much as anyone but don’t make me watch an internet video of it, I will tell you about all the minutes of my life you’re wasting and about how I’ll never get them back.

That reminds me, I learned a disturbing fact in one of my high school classes (economics or something like that, possibly sociology). The amount of time the average person will spend at traffic lights (driving or passenger) in their lifetime is in the years (I say this “years” rather loosely because an exact time frame was given but hell if I remember it, it was more than a year though). But just think about that, even if it was just one year, ONE YEAR! At least a whole year of everyone’s existence will be spent sitting at red lights, eff that noise.

**Someone needs to be my google and look up that fact or statistic or whatever it happens to be.    

Anyhoo, these are a few (the only) internet videos I find worth any kind of time at all. Except that sneezing panda one you’ve gotta watch that, it’s a classic. 

P.S. Click the picture for the link, there’s no way I’d ever pay 70$ to be able to upload videos to my posts.

The Hillywood Show: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Parody

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome I think this video is. I don’t know who these people are but they’re probably gonna be my new group of friends! It’s so over the top that it’s amazing. And fantastic job on the sets If I do say so myself. I love Kristen Stewart but this girl could have been cast as Bella and I would have been okay with that. The Hillywood Show has other great parodies you should probably check out too, including parodies of all the other Twilight movies thus far…HAVIN’ MY BABY!!

10 Misconceptions Rundown


People believe the darndest things don’t they. My favorite is number one, but don’t worry I won’t ruin the video for you. Just know that you sleep with your gob wide open and that grosses me out more than anything.

Marriage Proposal

I looooooooooooove this video. You can skip the part at the beginning though where it’s the night before and the guys just talking. Seriously how good is the look on her face!!


That’s it, just those three for now. I’ll keep you posted if there’s anything else out their worthwhile that you’re missing in the future.

I must go watch Teen Mom 2 now, this is the one I’ve been waiting for!! Where it all hits the fan.

Edit* This post was titled “70 Dolla Holla” before WordPress informed me that this was my 70th post but now it just seems all the more fitting. Just in case you were wondering.


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