Can We Please Talk About All The Ways “The Hunger Games” Movie Differs From The Book

30 Mar

Obviously “The Hunger Games” book is better than the movie, that’s just a given. A movie doesn’t have the luxury of your time to develop character and relationships the way a book can. Let’s face it if it followed the book exactly it would lose everyone around hour two when Katniss is still meandering around the woods surrounding District 12 proving to all of us she’s an expert hunter and the provider for her family. So clearly for a movie things will have to be cut and possibly even reshaped as book transforms to movie. So now let’s talk about all the things, good and not necessarily so good, that differ from the book. And for the record I loved the movie, there’s nothing I like more than seeing some of my favorite characters come to life.  

1. Madge?! Where are you? In our story she was the force behind the mockingjay pin but was totally nixed in the movie, which I do get. Madge was insignificant in the grand scheme of things, sure she gave us more insight into our main character and there was the connection of the two girls mothers but really that made little difference for a movie. The mockingjay pin however was crucial and so was us as an audience understanding the relationship between Katniss and her sister Prim. We had to believe within minutes of the movie starting that of course Katniss is willing to volunteer to die for her sister, and I actually think it was really smart the way they played it. I loved the exchange from Katniss to Prim and then Prim back to Katniss saying “It’s to protect you, nothing bad will happen to you.” I also think it would have worked for the mockingjay pin to somehow have come from Peeta, adding to their back story.

2. I love Peeta (TEAM PEETA 4EVA!) and I’m a huge fan of Josh Hutcherson but shouldn’t they have gotten someone taller to play Peeta? I just found it very off-putting him being almost a whole head shorter than Katniss. Also in the books wasn’t Peeta kind of funny? Maybe I just read him funny with an air of humor in his light words but they played him too serious in the movies for me.

3. Cinna the creepa. Cool it Lenny you’re not supposed to be hitting on Katniss. That relationship was extra weird for me in the movies, which is a shame because he’s such a great character.

4. The most obvious difference for me which truthfully is the only addition I would have made to the movie is…Remember in the book when Katniss finds Peeta painted into the riverbank after the announcement that they can both win if it’s together? And she literally has to drag his body into the water and strip him of his clothes to clean him and his bum leg? (which BTW do they amputate that bad boy in the film?) I really felt like that was the moment when she starts to fall for him and we see it. We see how badly she wants to save him and repay the boy with the bread. We see her blush for the only time in the middle of a killing arena as she cleans his body. I just think it’s a perfect moment where the world fades away and we’re left with pure boy/girl emotion, even if only for a second. It would have really added to us as an audience believing in her love for him and I was surprised when they totally skipped this part. There’s nothing more that I hate then a movie where two people meet and then the next day were supposed to believe their madly in love, which wasn’t necessarily the case here, just sayin.

5. I really liked Gale in the movie, I’m not a big fan of him in the book, but I think they did a really great job of showing that he’s Katniss’s rock. Plus he always seemed to say the right things to her.

6. I also think that they should have made Katniss and Peeta look totally different once they went through getting cleaned up by their prep teams in the capitol, the really looked virtually the same as before she just wasn’t wearing that hideous blue dress anymore.

What are some of the things you noticed differing in “The Hunger Games” movie compared to the book?


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