Vegas Baby

17 Apr

I love Las Vegas. I’m not one of those people who live to party or has even seen the inside of a club since I was 18. But man there’s something about Vegas.

It might have something to do with the fact that everything is so over the top and fancy that I feel like a rock star. I love everything about it. You’ll never talk to so many strangers in a 4 day period ever again, cause everyone’s just a tourist in Vegas and we’re all there to have a good time. I love the massive casinos and free drinks, I love music blaring out of speakers everywhere you go (because obviously I think the world should be played to music, like the way laughter is constantly playing in the background of a sitcom, sure eventually we might learn to tune it out and it’ll become inconsequential, but still,  MUSIC EVERYWHERE),  I love the zip line on Fremont St and the freaks who come out at night.

I just got back from a trip to Vegas for my friend’s wedding and these we some of the things you missed….

  1. The Venetian Hotel. If you’re going to Vegas do yourself a favor and stay at the Venetian, it’s beautiful. It’s a little slice of Italy, gondolas and all. I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s my favorite of them all, so like just go there already.
  2.  The water show at the Bellagio is pretty great but if you’ve seen the one at Disneyland, I apologize it does not compare, just keep walking.
  3. There was this guy dressed up as a girl down on Freemont St. who was wearing what appeared to be a child’s bikini. I know this is terrible but he was the absolute best! He wasn’t one of those cross dressers who puts on a ton of makeup, talks in an over the top ladies voice and stuffs a bra to look like an actual girl, he had a pretty girly face though and his hair was long and rather girl like. So I can only imagine he woke up one morning and realized how many girl features he had, put on his little sisters bikini and headed down to Freemont St. The best thing about him was he clearly couldn’t dance. He tried shaking it to the floor and sexy dancing all over the place but only managed to look like a baby learning to walk or like someone picking up something slippery from the ground. There was literally a crowd around him of people just laughing at him and wondering if this was serious, all the while he’s shaking his little tail feather. Priceless.
  4.  Wedding Chapel. My friend got married in the cutest little chapel right off the strip. It was very “The Hangover” looking which only added to my enjoyment of the place.
  5. Acrobats at Circus Circus. I’m basically always down to watch people propelling themselves through the air to be caught by another person. Like anytime.
  6. Dick’s. This was the name of the restaurant our wedding party went to after the wedding. After first hearing the name you might think it’s just some unfortunate guy named Richard who named the place after himself after agreeing to let people call him Dick in the first place, genius. But no, this was a restaurant where the people who work there are dicks to you on purpose, yup that’s right. I love everything about the concept of this restaurant and honestly we all had a blast. They throw the silverware in heaps in the middle of the table, if you order Coke they bring you Pepsi, yelling across the restaurant and cussing are common occurrences, they make you giant paper hats with terrible things written on them (my favorites were “Dr. Phil makes me moist.” and “I swallowed, he proposed.”) and don’t think you can play the punching bag game without being publicly humiliated by a 12-year-old. The best part was it sort of opens the doors for everyone to just be mean back and I often associate meanness with humor so this totally worked for me.
  7. TV show screening. Basically you agree to sit down for about an hour watching a rough cut of a TV show that hasn’t been picked up for any air time yet and give your opinion about the show. Being that I want to be a TV show writer this was obviously something I loved! I often read scripts of upcoming shows that haven’t aired yet and this was a step up from that. Not only that but this 6 week screening really has an impact on what a network decides to do with a show.

P.S. I have a video of the cross dresser if you simply must see his moves for yourself


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