13 Jul

I’m sitting on the train to school right now. It’s 6:41am and I’ve been up since 4:30. There are very little things I hate more than 4:30am.

My face is sunburnt and my eyelids are heavy. My homework isn’t completely done yet. I’d really like to write a whole post about the teacher for my first class, my undone homework class, because he’s little and he’s Asian and he’s always got his hand on his hip and no body can understand a thing he says until we decipher it after class as a group (ful-um = film, duh), but I won’t.

Somebody just sat next to me even though there are plenty of double seats open still, these people are the worst. The. Worst. Oh also something that drives me crazy, I hate it when if all the seats are getting full and I’ll look around and girls are standing while guys are sitting. I’m not talking elderly or girls with babies on their hips, I just mean girls in general. What kind of man can just sit on a train if girls are standing? Now don’t get me wrong i’m perfectly fine with standing and I’d probably refuse if a seat was offered cause I’m an independent empowered lady and such. I’m just sayin, get up pansy and be a man, make your momma proud.

Now it’s 7:09 and I’m still on the train. “Digital Get Down” is blaring through my ear phones and were about to pass my favorite place on this train ride. It’s an outdoor theater in what looks like somebody’s back yard. It’s by no means beautiful by the standard definition, but somehow it really is. Something about it screams art and I can’t get over that in all the mess they’ve pulled together whatever resources necessary to make this shambled theater. I like they’re priorities. I’ll try to take a picture but I’m on a moving train with reflecting windows so you know how that goes.

Yup the picture didn’t work at all, unless you’re a huge fan of blur. Anyhoo time to walk a block in the cold San Francisco air and get on the shuttle to class! Did I mention I love public transportation?


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