7 Oct

I pull my hair into a messy bun and lean my head back onto the headrest so it stays firmly in place. It’s only 8 AM and it’s already hot outside, it’s really hot. We’re winding up a mountain road as music from my iPhone softly makes it’s way out of the speakers in the background. I close my eyes and allow myself to relax for a minute. The past few weeks have been hectic, heck the past years been hectic. Moving, work, school, opening the business. It all collides together keeping me busy, hell keeping me sane. But I forget what it’s like to get away. I forget what’s it’s like to pack the car in the early morning and head to Yosemite for a night, effectively leaving everything else behind.

I open my eyes and glance sideways at my husband driving, knowing full well if he sees me looking at him he’ll turn to look at me and I don’t want his eyes straying from the winding road. He looks good in his simple grey v-neck t-shirt and black Nike shorts. Then again he always looks good. His jet black hair is still damp from his shower and is in a perfect tousled mess, just the way I like it. I often find myself watching him in awe. It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for almost three years. It’s astounding to think how far we’ve come. I remember the first time I saw him, over dressed for an interview at the restaurant I worked at and a couple thousand miles away from his home. I could tell from the start he only understood about half of what anyone was saying to him, he’d only been in the country for a few months. He told me once that he had thought I hated him when we first met, oh if he had only known how wrong he was. I picture the outfit he was wearing that first day, red pinstriped shirt and grey slacks that didn’t reach his ankles with the pointiest dress shoes I had ever seen. Before I can stop myself I giggle at the memory.

He turns and looks at me at the sound. Oh shoot.

A grin plays across his face, “What’s so funny?”

I lean forward and my hair falls around my face as I grin back, “You.”

“Me?” He says playfully.

“Yes, you.”

His dark hazel eyes that are the exact shade as mine bore into me for a moment.

“You’re beautiful you know that.”

It’s not a question but a simple statement. And he’s always doing that, I think he just likes to see my cheeks flush.

“No” I challenge as I feel my cheeks getting hotter and quickly change the subject. “The road.” I nod toward the pavement he should clearly be watching instead of me.

“I’ve got the road, what I want is you.”

He’s lighthearted mood and playfulness is infectious. He spends seven days a week running the business and nights studying alternate energy sources for impoverished countries, like the one he comes from. It’s been too long since I’ve had him on my own like this, and this carefree.

“Come here.” He says as he lifts his arm for me to snake mine under his to find his hand.

I oblige immediately. Interlocking my fingers in his in his lap and shifting my body so my head rests on his shoulder, and I’m hugging his right side.

He body radiates heat but I don’t care. His is the kind of heat I can’t get enough of.


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