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Blogging on the Train

19 Dec

It’s finals week and I’m officially done! The end of a semester is always a little bittersweet. I’m of course thrilled to have finally made it through all the work but I’ll miss the familiarity that my classes become. I had two really amazing teachers this semester and can only hope next semester holds as much promise.

I’m thinking about doing short documentaries as a serious business on the side, hit me up National Geographic.

I can’t handle all the sad Facebook posts of pictures of the little first graders who died in Connecticut. Those were people’s babies. I can’t imagine ever having kids of my own in a world where it’s a real possibility to send them off to school and never see them again, I can’t live with that.

I just tried setting up a youtube account and got all the way to the part where you pick your profile picture without any trouble, and then I started looking through all my facebook photos for the perfect one and oh god it’s been an hour.

I’ve already eaten all the candy canes off my christmas tree.

I have 9,755 all time views on this blog. What can we do to get 245 more views by the end of 2012? Let’s end it with a bang folks, 10,000!!

No but for real if the world is going to end on Friday I have a ton of things to finish up before then. Someone get me the rest of the cheesecake out of the fridge.

Boy Meets World is coming back (are we all as excited as I am about this?) and somewhere along the lines I blogged about old school Boy Meets World. Which is apparently referring people to my blog. I wonder how far they get before they realize this isn’t a homage to Topanga blog.

I made a hilarious rap video for my MPL/Edit 2 final, because of course I can’t do anything seriously. Follow the link here…Who Booty- The Unofficial Music Video! Then show all your friends how swag it is! Am I using that word correctly? I can’t keep up with the lingo these days. People still say lingo right? Whatever.

Speaking of being old, I turn 26 in less than three weeks. That’s unheard of, when did I get so old. Ugggh.