About – The Title Says It All

I’d like to start with a little bit about my wedding dress being black. I feel this fact, though minute, says a lot about the person I am (hence being the title of my blog). Every girl should own a little black dress, mine just happens to be a little black wedding dress.

My wedding dress was black but not because I wasn’t “allowed” to wear white. Let me tell you this good little non-practicing Catholic girl could have at least pulled off a cream-colored wedding dress. And to be fair it had a dark blue ribbon tied around the waist so it wasn’t all black. My now husband wore a tie that was a perfect match to the ribbon around my waist, only adding to the fact that we looked like we were going to Prom. Which is sort of fitting since I totally skipped any and all forms of dances in high school, guess I was just waiting for my Prince Charming to take me.

Turns out I don’t really have a very good excuse for wearing black to my own wedding other than I liked it. Which to me is a good enough reason, even if it means being unconventional or going against the norm. We got married after four months of dating and preparing for it was extremely rushed. The actual “ceremony” was at the court-house in Omaha NE, but really it could have been anywhere as long as my mom, sisters, and best friend were there. The “reception” after was at my apartment. It was bubbles and champagne. It was six people to a couch crammed in my little apartment. It was Hudson family cookies and my baby niece not even big enough to crawl. It was board games and my mother selling my sister to a Turkish guy for a goat (more on that later!). More than anything though, it was fun.

Everything about that wedding speaks volumes about the person I am and the kinds of things you’ll find in reading my blog. Shameless decisions, lessons only a mother or being married can teach you, lots of champagne induced opinions, and more craziness than most can handle.


Oh on a side note I obviously don’t have anything overly important or life changing to say but you should read ahead anyway.


One Response to “About – The Title Says It All”

  1. casallina August 29, 2011 at 3:18 am #

    I actually love the idea of a black wedding dress… not sure I’d do it for my wedding, but very inspired!

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