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Hello Giggles II

28 Dec

Yay! Guys HelloGiggles is gonna publish another story I wrote! I know, I know, I’m awesome ūüôā I’ll post a link when it’s published so be on the lookout! And don’t forget to keep up with the daily happenings over there at HelloGiggles anyway!

On a totally separate note, I just discovered instagram and I love it. And by “discovered” I mean “got addicted to”.¬†My husband has been trying to tell me how cool instagram is for weeks now (as he stops every few feet when he’s walking to take a picture) but I just thought I wouldn’t be into it. Looking at stranger’s pictures, editing photos, going through and liking pictures, it just seems like a lot of unnecessary work. But it’s great! People post some really awesome pictures and it’s fun to try¬†my hand at editing and see which pictures people actually like. Now the people with like¬†36,000 followers might have a little too much time on their hands. I would post a link to my instagram but I don’t want you guys stalking me and seeing all the cute pictures I’ve posted of my nieces and nephews.

Speaking of, the other morning as I’m sitting in his sister’s room with my 4-year-old nephew.

He says out of the blue. “I know what I am.”

So I reply. “What are you?”

“I’m your nephew” (He knows this because if we go somewhere and I see someone I know or when I took him to my job a few weeks ago, I tell people “this is my nephew” I mean he knows I’m his Aunt but the word nephew doesn’t come up all that much.)

“Yes you are!”

“What does¬†it mean?”

And because I talk to kids like they’re adults, of course I explain the whole process to him as if he’d understand.

“Well in this case it means your my husbands, sisters, son.”

He threw his hands up in the air and said “Yayyyyyyy” and then threw himself on the bed in excitement.

I’m not sure what he was so excited about, I know his 4-year-old self doesn’t really understand the way relatives work. Hell who does, what’s a twice-removed aunt anyway and where do I get one?

I told it to him all wrong anyway, niece and nephew really mean “the only other kids in the world I’d do anything for”, somehow he understood that anyway.



Then & Now : Dawson’s Creek

26 Dec

I love Dawson’s Creek, oh no wait I said that wrong, I loveeeeeeeeeeeee Dawson’s Creek. But let’s be honest those kids definitely went through their awkward stages on that show. Shall we see how they all turned out and what they’re up to now? Why¬†yes I think we shall.

Dawson Leery

I hated every stage of his hair on that show, especially when he’d brush it all back and go with the slick back look. It’s so bad I refuse to post it here and don’t even get me started on his outfit choices.

James Van Der Beek II

Thank God he cut that hair! In case it’s not abundantly clear, I have a problem with long hair on guys, I don’t care who you are, cut your hair boy. James still stars in TV movies and has been a guest star on shows like Law And Order and Franklin and Bash. He has¬†a one year old daughter, Olivia, and announced in October of this year¬†him and his wife are expecting again. Good for them, I hope he’s finally over Joey.

Pacey Witter

Pacey was the cool, carefree one, and let’s be honest he was everyone’s favorite. All of my favorite moments from this show are when Pacey and Joey were together. Somehow even though it was stated that¬†Dawson and Joey were soul mates since they were kids (and I’m always rooting for the perfect love story), in the end this guy¬†had me rooting for a¬†Pacey and Joey happy ending.

Joshua Jackson

Joshua is now the star of another one of my favorite shows, Fringe, and if you don’t watch it I don’t wanna talk to you ever again. It’s the best. He’s been dating some model since 2006. What about Joey, Pacey!?

Joey Potter

Can we all agree that Joey was annoying at times? And the most indecisive for no reason person on the planet. I mean obviously Dawson is a huge dork and you don’t want your children to be dorks so you can’t marry him.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is still acting on occasion. She was hilarious in “Mad Money” and who knows what she does in her personal life. I think she’s married to some famous actor and has a 5-year-old¬†fashionista or something, who knows.

Jennifer Lindley

Jenn also had some horrific hair choices throughout the show. To begin with I didn’t like¬†her character and¬†more often than not she was written as the boring B story line in an episode. I grew to like her character¬†when her and Jack became friends, she¬†needed more of a story arc then just 4th wheel and he gave her that. Quick question,¬†We never find out¬†who the baby daddy is in the last episode do we?

Michelle Williams

Michelle has moved on to the big screen and has starred alongside famous actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, and the late Heath Ledger. Michelle and Heath were married for three years before separating in 2007 and have one daughter together.


22 Dec

That’s right, FOG. All capital letters, that’s how serious it is.

I used to like FOG. It’s easily the fastest way to make something look eerie, yet cool. It also makes me feel like a vampire (am I the only one who associates FOG with vampires?), which is like third on my list to Santa this year.

I’ve just recently discovered that driving in the FOG is awful. So, so much awfulness. I drive to work on what is known as the “back roads”. Thirty minutes on these back roads, through mostly farms and fields of trees. It’s a nice drive usually, cruising at 55 mph¬†and just taking in the view of the hills far off to the left and watching cows and horses graze the fields. Sounds nice right? Yup, until the¬†FOG sets in.

The¬†FOG is so severe and it happens at all times of the day. It surrounds my car to the point where I literally can’t see the lines dividing the road I’m on. Not to mention that on these “back roads” I see at least 10 different road killed animals daily. So as I’m driving guessing where my lane ends and another begins I’m also terrified of hitting a poor baby racoon that I probably wouldn’t even notice until I felt my car driving over it. Oh God I hope that doesn’t happen.

So my nice peaceful drive to work cruising at 55 mph taking in the scenery has now evolved to a panic-stricken 15 mph trudge through what appears to be nothingness but is really just a giant cloud blinding me from the night.

Those vampires need to come get their fog.



9 Dec

So basically I’ve been a huge blog neglector lately. Mostly because my once unemployed status has changed (at least for the holidays). Plus I don’t really have anything to say, which I suppose isn’t a change at all, since I never really had anything of value to say anyway. I digress. So here’s a rundown of what you’ve missed…

I surprisingly like working at the mall. Probably because I don’t work in one of those places where you get a lot of foot traffic and every time someone comes strolling through your¬†nicely folded stack of t-shirts with no intention of buying anything, they’ve just ruined what you did for the last hour and created another hour worth of work for you to do, I just stand around and pretend like I know how to take peoples pictures. And I get to go shopping on my lunch breaks.

I have a tree full of persimmon in my backyard that are ripe and ready to eat. Persimmon are gross.

I hate it when I accidentally buy margarine instead of butter.

My dog ran away the other day.¬†I put him in the backyard and then went¬†to do my hair for work, when I went outside 5 minutes later he was gone. This is my¬†Jack Russell Terrier we’re talking about, the same dog who jumped my backyard fence the very first day we moved in, but he hasn’t even looked at that fence¬†again since¬†then, so I was starting to trust that he wouldn’t do it again, big mistake. I ran inside to put my shoes on and¬†panicking woke up my husband to help me find him. Now this dog could be anywhere in that matter of 5 minutes, he could have jumped the front fence and went toward the highway, he could have jumped the back fence and ran through the alley and into another neighborhood, and he’s fast, he could be clear across town if he just took off running. And not to mention the pack of stray dogs that are always wandering the neighborhood, not that they would attack him or anything but if my dog made a new friend he’d never come home. So my husband takes the front and I head for the back alley. In the alley I see the crazy old man that’s always muttering to himself walking with a much bigger dog than my own. I contemplate asking him if he’s seen my dog but decide against it knowing I wont be able to understand him anyway. I’m standing in the middle of an intersection of four streets, I look as far as I can see to the end of each of them and my heart sinks, I know it’s been too long now and my dog could easily be much further than my eyes can see down any number of streets and the way he runs with no knowledge of cars that could be entering a street just as he is, too many mental images. I head home, knowing it’s time to get in the car and be able to make up ground quickly. As I’m approaching the house I can see my husband a ways down the street, still running, still searching. I go inside to get my keys and on impulse I¬†check the backyard again. No dog. My neighbor has a few dogs and again on impulse I stand up on a fence board and peer into his backyard. That little jerk of mine had weaseled his way into my neighbor’s yard and¬†at that moment was drinking all their water. He had no idea the panic¬†and morning run he caused for my husband and I at 8am.¬†He was there the whole time, safe and sound.

I was sitting in my car the other day, I had just got home from work and I was on the phone with my Aunt when the whole sky in front of me lit up blue and green (it was dark outside) and I could see sparks fly up in my rear view mirror. My Aunt was in the middle of saying something when I cut her off with a “Holy shi—–” and the connection was lost. As I’m still clutching my phone and opening my car door to see what it was¬†it happened again. Green sky, and this time I’m able to turn and see the sparks and the explosion and all the lights on the right side of the street¬†went black.¬†I honestly felt like I was in a movie, you know that part of the movie when the aliens descend and they show images of peoples reactions across the globe. The girl who emerges from her car still holding her cell phone to her ear, mouth gaping open, eyes wide as the dark sky turns from light blue to a definite alien green, that slow turn as her eyes search for the source of all the light and then the darkness that engulfs her as the power goes out. Yup that was me on Monday night. Oh yeah, it was just a power box blowing up or something like that. I did almost run over the power lines that were in the middle of the road though cause all the power was out and I didn’t see them on my way to my Aunt’s house (she still had power), I only saw someone standing in the middle¬†of the road flashing a bike reflector at me and flailing his arms, he was trying to show me the power lines¬†that were inches away from my tires, good looking out guy with bike reflector.